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A wide variety of bags is produced by us from various types of Jute fabrics

The fabrics are produced on automatic looms in an organized jute industry and also on handlooms in decentralized sector. Fabrics are available in Natural shade as also in bleached and dyed forms. The fabrics are coated with LDPE or HDPE in order to impart physical strength, shape and water-resistance to the Bags.

From the above fabrics we make small to smallest & large to largest size of bags, print and decorate them with different handles and accesories to meet the specific requirements of the customers.

To produce the prints, colours & designs of the customers, we print manually by silk screen printing process, and use Acramine reactive dyes and also Vegetable dyes, if the customer desires. We do running printing as well as piecemeal printing in different patterns & shades for logos, motifs, names, images, environment objects, etc. which create an impact on the sale value of the final products. We commonly use Vat dyes for colours in sophisticated tones. Click here to take a look at some of the various colours & jute fabrics that we use.

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